The Fuzzy Agness

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A single transistor fuzz. Pretty fuzzy but retains note clarity and pairs great with other gain pedals in front of it.

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This was designed in partnership with psych rock ‘n’ roll band Saint Agnes. The prototype sits on singer/guitarist/keyboardist Kitty’s pedal board after her Fuzz Face and overdrive.

  • Just one control – volume
  • True bypass
  • standard boss style 9v power (No battery option)
  • Bright blue LED
  • LED clipping diode for overdrive-like touch response



Humbucker -> boost -> The Fuzzy Agnes -> clean Vox AC30


Humbucker -> boost -> The Fuzzy Agnes -> clean Fender Twin with a little bit of reverb


Humbucker -> boost -> The Fuzzy Agnes -> Slightly dirty Marshall


Bass -> The Fuzzy Agnes -> Ampeg SVT

3 reviews for The Fuzzy Agness

  1. Andy

    This pedal is simple but produces a massive, gnarly, warm fuzz. Works incredibly well for bass (retains the bottom end) and guitar. An excellent alternative to the Big Muff.

  2. Chris Welsh

    This is a cracking pedal. Simple to use and has a lovely sound and sustains like a dream. I bought this pedal in the demo stage of its life on an introductory offer as I didnt want to pay a lot for a Big Muff in case I couldnt get on with it. Safe to say I aint buying a Big Muff now. Only minor downpoint for me is that the large knob (Fnaar Fnaar) made it a little difficult to fine tune volume ( this pedal can be VERY loud) but as I say minor and easily resolved with a bit of fine tuning. Had some really nice feedback from the crowd at gigs. As a pub covers band the pedal works a treat on Hendrix, Kinks and Stones stuff but aso handles any genre with ease. Buy it you wont be disappointed.

  3. Michael P (verified owner)

    This thing is quite a wonder! I’ve been using it on everything I’ve been recording lately, and my Big Muff is currently gathering dust. One thing I should mention is that it works miracles on old dead strings – I broke out a guitar I hadn’t played much lately. The strings were old, flat, dead, and probably at least six years old. Through the Agnes they positively sing – it’s really quite beautiful. Definitely my go-to fuzz at the moment, and I don’t see that changing.

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